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Pablo - The Drug Mule Dog

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The same creative team behind Oasis 'Cactus Kid' from Mother returned to Munky to create FRANK’s latest advertising campaign about the dangers of cocaine. It features Pablo – a dead dog – who wakes up to find he’s been used as a drug mule to smuggle cocaine into the country. A little miffed about his situation the sweet natured Pablo sets off to find out all about the drug that led to his demise.

The surreal TV and online advertising is part of a £1m campaign to make 15-18 year olds aware of the risks and harms of cocaine use. Pablo is on a quest to find out the truth about the drug by questioning the key players from the world of coke - the dealer, the user, and a bag of cocaine, a heart, a nostril and a bank note. They reveal how using cocaine can seriously harm individuals and communities; from addiction, heart attacks and personality change, to bringing fear and violence to neighbourhoods.



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Watch 'Addiction'

Watch 'Heart'

Watch 'Banknote'

Watch 'Nostril'

Director's website - Big Red Button

Production Co. website - Hotspur & Argyle

Agency website - Mother

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