Hot Chip 'I Feel Better'

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Out this morning - The new video from Hot Chip directed by comedian Peter Serafinowicz and featuring Ross Lee!

On TV tonight..

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Settle down in front of BBC2 this evening and watch Into The Storm.

The HBO/BBC film on Winston Churchill during WWll was nominated for 14 Emmy's recently, winning Best Actor and Best Music.

Gary Brown supervised VFX during filming and post production at Framestore, Cinesite and Munky.




Emmy Nominated

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Munky is proud to announce that Gary Brown and Mark Robinson have been nominated for Emmys at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on September 12th.

Their work on HBO Films / BBC Films Into The Storm. has been entered into the category Outstanding Special Visual Effects For A Miniseries, Movie Or A Special.

Gary has been nominated for his role as Visual Effects Supervisor in which, as Head of Department he designed and supervised the filming of effects shots and supervision of UK effects houses Cinesite, Framestore as well as Munky.

We are also very proud that Munky's
Mark Robinson is nominated for his contribution as Lead Visual Effects Compositor.

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Pablo - The Drug Mule Dog

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The same creative team behind Oasis 'Cactus Kid' from Mother returned to Munky to create FRANK’s latest advertising campaign about the dangers of cocaine. It features Pablo – a dead dog – who wakes up to find he’s been used as a drug mule to smuggle cocaine into the country. A little miffed about his situation the sweet natured Pablo sets off to find out all about the drug that led to his demise.

The surreal TV and online advertising is part of a £1m campaign to make 15-18 year olds aware of the risks and harms of cocaine use. Pablo is on a quest to find out the truth about the drug by questioning the key players from the world of coke - the dealer, the user, and a bag of cocaine, a heart, a nostril and a bank note. They reveal how using cocaine can seriously harm individuals and communities; from addiction, heart attacks and personality change, to bringing fear and violence to neighbourhoods.



See news item on BBC website

Watch 'Addiction'

Watch 'Heart'

Watch 'Banknote'

Watch 'Nostril'

Director's website - Big Red Button

Production Co. website - Hotspur & Argyle

Agency website - Mother


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Today, John Lennon’s birthday, Yoko Ono asks the people of Iceland and many others across the rest of the world to join her in praying for peace and stability. 

At 8pm Reykjavik time (1pm LA, 4pm NY, 9pm Liverpool, 5am Tokyo), as IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is illuminated on the island of Viðey, she asks everyone to join together and let the power of light and prayer become a collective expression of the desire for peace and harmony on our planet.

(Munky worked with Yoko on an EPK about the Peace Tower undertaking online, grading and VFX)

The IMAGINE PEACE TOWER is an outdoor work of art conceived by Yoko Ono in memory of John Lennon. The artwork was dedicated on October 9th 2007, Lennon’s 67th birthday. 
The Peace Tower symbolizes Lennon’s and Ono’s struggle for world peace which began in the sixties. The words IMAGINE PEACE are inscribed on the Well in 24 different languages. The Peace Tower is composed of a tall and strong tower of light that will appear every year and be visible from October 9th until December 8th, the day of Lennon’s death. In addition the Tower will appear on some special occasions.

The Peace Tower artwork is closely connected to Ono’s interactive work of art, Wish Tree from 1981. The Wish Tree has been a part of many exhibitions by Yoko Ono around the world in museums and cultural centers where people have been invited to write their personal wishes for peace and tie them to a tree branch. These wishes are to be housed in time capsules surrounding the Imagine Peace Tower.

Wishes sent up until tonight have been put on a MUNKY USB stick and stored in the capsules also.



LOVE, Aye.

Horse may have bolted...

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Cactus Kid advert ordered off air

Kind of funny really because all 3x30 second commercials plus the extended cinema version have all run and have finished airing!

See news item on BBC website

See item on Sky news

See news item in The Guardian

See news item on Reuters

On Brand Republic

See 'Pregnant 30 sec'

See 'Cactus Kid Film Trailer'

Munky screen projections at pop concert in Tel Aviv..

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Paul McCartney played to 40,000 fans in Tel Aviv last night having been banned from playing there with The Beatles in 1965 for fear by the authorities of 'corrupting the nations youth'... well he does do that funny thing with his hand in the air ;)  (click to read more).

Munky produced some more screen backgrounds for this one-off show in addition to those created for The Brit Awards 2008 and Paul's Liverpool 'homecoming' gig.


click to see 'LIVE AND LET DIE' at The Brit Awards 2008

click to see 'BACK IN THE USSR' screen master